Alice in Rabbit Hole

Fashion. In the United Arab Emirates… Around the Middle East… Across the globe… It is still called fashion. But then again, questions arise! Is it uniquely innovative? Is it significantly distinguished? Is it ingeniously original? Is it? Are you?

Too much of a strong start? Keep reading.

It came to our realization that every entrepreneur in Dubai is coming up with ideas and ways to showcase random talent of the youth in the United Arab Emirates. Days, weeks, months go by and those magnificent idea-makers come up with the same exact idea… We smell imitation! Innovation was gone as most of them were trying too hard and putting so much of an effort into something that has already been done over and over again.

Innovation faded, creation crumbled & excitement perished!

So tell me now, dear reader, have you heard of the fashion updates going on within the UAE? Fashion created by an Emirati? Innovated by a local? Manufactured by the very mind of a citizen? Have you heard of any thrilling local fashion articles? Any mind-stirring concepts? Maybe a crunchy fashion headline at least? No? My, oh my… Have you not?

I don’t want to stall you much too long, so mind me representing the Rabbit Hole. We started small… An idea like any other, to be quiet honest. It evolved to basic fashion show, elevated to something a whole lot MORE.

This initiative is all-willingly inspired by Alice In Wonderland, when lost Alice guided by Rabbit into the magnificently long hole, into the magical Wonderland.

In the Rabbit Hole, YOU, my dear, is Alice, and Mama Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit, Baby Rabbit, Diva Rabbit, Social Rabbit, Tycoon Rabbit, Mysterious Rabbit, Artistic Rabbit, Goofy Rabbit and Dreamy Rabbit are your guide.

We can’t share more details, as it is a secret for now… Hello Alice, and welcome to Wonderland!

– Dreamy Rabbit x


About therabbitholeae

An Emirati initiative that's used as a platform to combine fashion designers from the UAE & the GCC to promote their talents. By: Rabbits wrapped in creativity! View all posts by therabbitholeae

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