Rabbit Hole’s Series of Mini Events @ ZU #Teaser

It’s 1.30 am at this part of the world, and I am as excited as ever! It has been 15 hours and counting working on Rabbit Hole’s series of mini events held in Zayed University at the 22nd & 23rd of November, from 10am till 5pm. A lot is going on but the massive headache is blocking my train of thoughts.

I’m chewing on my nails as we speak, shaking my right leg and my eyes are wandering around the room looking for anything to finalize only to realize that everything is set and ready to be displayed!

The many events of tomorrow are:

  • Tea Party with Mad Hatter
  • White Queen’s Palace of Henna
  • Dormouse’s Photobooth
  • Cheshire Cat Caricature
  • 4Collection in Wonderland
  • Tweedledum & Tweedledee’s Bakery Bar
  • Peaches’ Shoes
  • Huda Kattan’s Mansion
  • Red Queen’s Shoe Competition
  • White Rabbit’s Abaya Booths

Frankly talking, I cannot sleep. See y’all rabbits tomorrow!

– Dreamy Rabbit x


About therabbitholeae

An Emirati initiative that's used as a platform to combine fashion designers from the UAE & the GCC to promote their talents. By: Rabbits wrapped in creativity! View all posts by therabbitholeae

2 responses to “Rabbit Hole’s Series of Mini Events @ ZU #Teaser

  • AoD

    Great interior design of the event!! LOVED IT !!!
    However, the poster kinda throws you off balance; basically Huda Khattans poster is the only one with the correct wording .. Some have 22sd of nov others 23nd :S what is that ?!! O.o just saying the designer have gotta make sure of all the details in the poster!

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