The Rabbits Invade Zayed University

It all started by random ideas being yelled here and there in the meeting room, planning what we would want for our very own Zayed University students. Eventually, we finalized our plans and all agreed on what will be happening, that’s when it started escalating and in no time the dates were selected.

The Rabbit Hole Event: Zayed University Edition is what we decided to call it. Hosting a series of activities, such as the competitions, Project Runway: Abaya Competition, which was brought to you by DAS; and Cinderella’s Missing Shoe competition. Then we had our Rabbit Hole stand, the Bakery, Tea Party, Photobooth, and FourCollections boutique.

Honoring us with their presence, Hala Kazim, founder of Journey Through Change, and her son Anas Bukhash, founder of Ahdaaf, paid a visit to the Rabbit Hole series of mini events on the very first day to show their vast support. Founder of Rabbit Hole, Maitha Al Maktoum, escorted Hala and Anas around the event, explaining to them every booth. By the end of their visit, they signed our guestbook and gave a founder-to-founder advice.

Hind Beljafla and her sister Reem supported us tremendously and no words can describe how thankful we are. Project Runway: Abaya Competition is brought to you by DAS Collection. DAS has been with us the moment we planned the event. They are the reason this all happened, which we are truly thankful for. They gave us seven signature abayas for the seven groups/contestants to work on.

Stressed, pressured, and nervous was how most contestants felt. They all wanted to make their abaya the one that will grab the judges’ attention. The judging panel consisted of Hind Beljafla, Huda Kattan and Mona Kattan. They judged the abaya based on concept, quality and design. In the end there was one winning team that got the chance for their abaya to be showcased in the DAS store, and also in the Rabbit Hole main event. They might also get their abaya made and sold in DAS! The winning team consisted of Reem Al Awadhi, Meera Al Awadhi and Danah Tayeb.

Apart from the Abaya Competition, we also had Cinderella’s Missing Shoe competition, which got 100+ applications submitted at 12pm sharp on the 23rd. There was a panel of judges, Ilham Abbas founder of Elilhaam, Tamara Gabbani and Petra Albertini. They had to go through all the applications and select the top three. The three designs they chose were truly exceptional and their designs were unique. The first place winner, Fatima Sha’afar, got a chance for her shoe to be manufactured, showcased on, and displayed in the Rabbit Hole main event.

With lots of competitions and competitors stressing, there was the Rabbit Hole Bakery that had a wide range of sweets that was generously supplied from The Home Bakery’s owner, Hind AlMulla.  Yummy cookies, delicious macarons, and mouth-watering brownies were some of the deserts provided.

With lots of munching, designing, and eating, FourCollections boutique was there for the shopaholics. It is a brand that is found by the Rabbit Hole’s very own Maitha Belhabb and her team of three other girls; her collection for the event was truly exceptional and eye-catching. I personally think you should put a close eye on this upcoming brand!

Huda Kattan, the celebrity makeup artist, had her own stand as well! Where she gave makeup tips to the girls and shared with them some of her makeup experience and secrets.

Not to mention the Photobooth we had, where guests went with their friends to have their picture taken while enjoying the event. Photobooth UAE provided the photobooth. Adding to that, we had the Rabbit Hole stand to share information, in the stand we had the Wish Jar where visitors can make a wish, and two of the lucky ones would get there wish come to life!

The last hours of the event was mainly students mingling with our guest judges and asking for their autograph, advice and professional tips.

What we’re really happy and proud about was that the event went extremely well, and even better than expected. This happened due to all the support we got from DAS Collection and the judges (Hind Beljafla, Ilham Abbas, Huda Kattan, Mona Kattan, Tamara Gabbani and Petra Albertini).

You might have also seen Saleh Al Braik (@FearlessInDubai) the founder of ThinkUp GCC, our official media partners, and Ali Murad (@AliAlosh), the artist who drew all the Rabbit Hole team, walking around the event and talking with some of the students.

The non-stop meetings that took 2 hours and more, all paid off when we saw our visitors’ reaction. It made the entire Rabbit Hole team really proud and happy to get all those positive feedbacks!

Last but not least, the whole Rabbit Hole family would love to thank each and every volunteer that helped us and worked as hard as they could. They were there all the time, supporting, helping and making the event move as smoothly as possible.

Thank you to all the judges, guests and visitors who attended and supported us, you are the reason that keeps us going!


– Mr. Rabbit

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