Who Are The Rabbits?

Many might have wondered who are those whom wander around, hopping backstage, the reason behind the event, media coverage and noise… Well, most of you might have wondered who are behind the Rabbit Hole, who is the team that is working on making all this happen. Due to lots of demands and many wanting to know, today we decided to share this with you, for you to find out more about the team behind it all.

Meet The Team: 


Maitha Al Maktoum (Mama Rabbit): The founder of Rabbit Hole, she is the one behind it all. She knew something had to change in the fashion world, focusing on what the talent from the region has to offer, and putting the spotlight on the next set of designers and entrepreneurs. Her idea started developing and she needed a team of “Rabbits”, that’s when she started searching, selecting the ones she knew had lots to offer and put into the Rabbit Hole. Without Maitha, none of this would have happened, she is the main reason the whole team brains work to its’ fullest, bringing out the best ideas to put into the Rabbit Hole events, from the smallest event to the biggest!


Hessa Al Amri (Mysterious Rabbit):  The first member to be on the team, she is mainly like the Executive Manager of The Rabbit Hole. Calm, friendly, and a team player, Hessa knows how to make the team work! With her skills, she makes sure everything is running smoothly and is on time, cooperation is one of the main things that she likes doing, in order to achieve the ultimate goal; she proved that to us during our last event (The Rabbit Hole Event: Zayed University Edition), where she did an extraordinarily wonderful job.

Maitha Belhab (Diva Rabbit): Our very own fashion icon. Maitha Belhab takes the part in selecting what’s in (fashion-wise) in this event and what’s out. She makes sure we select the best, and searches for upcoming brands to make sure we choose the ones that deserve to be recognized. With her talent in fashion, she also is the one that plans the interior of our events. Something you need to know about her, she is one of the founders of @FourCollections.


Nour Al Harmoodi (Dreamy Rabbit): Her vast passion for directing and photography has brought her to be very useful for the team. She is the one that mainly covers all Rabbit Hole events, from taking videos, interviewing guests & visitors, and snapping pictures to forever remain as a record of our accomplishment! As “dreamy” as she can get, Nour also plays the role of making the team think realistically, yet maintain the whole different feel of what’s real.


Ayesha Al Hamrani (Artistic Rabbit): Without her we’d be drawing with crayons, literally! Ayesha is the one behind all the graphic designs, flyers, banners, and advertisements of the Rabbit Hole. Without Ayesha, we’d all be lost trying to make a SINGLE banner which would take us a year! She is very cooprative and would handle us changing the designs, we don’t get that often since all her designs are just eye catching!


Maryam Al Mansoori (Baby Rabbit): The youngest member of the Rabbit Hole family. Even though she is the youngest, she still has a lot to put in. Her main effort is put in finding sponsors, talking to companies and marketing Rabbit Hole. Maryam has proved to the team that just because she is the youngest, it doesn’t mean she can’t do it; a very hard-working member. Not to mention, she always manages making the team laugh.


Mashaikh Al Rakhaimi (Goofy Rabbit): The calm one, who is there smiling and easy to talk to. Well, you can say looks are deceiving, Mashaikh maintains the pace of the work that is going on and helps her fellow member Sara in media and public relations. She also has the role of pushing the team to finish faster, since she usually does a countdown.


Sara Al Madani (Social Rabbit): Media, companies, and public relations, all go through Sara. She is in charge of Rabbit Hole’s media coverage and exposure. Some of the things that you might see in Sara’s tasks: Talk to ” list of different magazines” and confirm with them if they’re coming to the event this upcoming weekend, and believe me when I say this, if she wants to get things done, she WILL get them done, whether they co-operate or NOT!


Salma Al Hussaini (Tycoon Rabbit): It’s like a race when Salma is around, she makes sure everything is done on time, and sometimes even before hand. You will see her sending out emails to various people, finishing member files, and having a salad all at once. Now you know why she got the title of Tycoon Rabbit. With Salma everything has to be perfect!

The Rabbits: All of the team share many stuff in common, they all plan, coordinate, pour ideas on the table and make sure everything is going well. We are like a puzzle if one piece goes missing, there will be something wrong. With this team you should be ready to experience a lot of events, the kind that you have never experienced before.


& who am I? Well, I’m Mohammad Al Banna (Mr. Rabbit), I can’t talk about myself and tell you how I am in the team, because that would be my own opinion. However, what I truly love doing is planning events with the team, trying to bring the best events, activities, and ideas, for the Rabbit Hole fans out there. I’m also in charge of the financial issues and numbers of the company. Mainly I love working in Rabbit Hole, it’s a whole different experience, it truly gives you a chance to bring the best out of you!

*Pictures drawn by Ali Murad (@AliAlosh)

– Mr. Rabbit


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