Sky High Scavenger Hunt, Mission: Louboutins.

The clock is ticking, only a couple of minutes to go for you to find the five clues that will lead you to the red soles. That will be the case for many of Zayed University Abu Dhabi students, once Rabbit Hole’s event will take place in their campus (which is quite sooner than expected).

The scavenger hunt team will be giving out clues as to where you might find one of these fashionable pieces for your growing closet. The Game will be adding Rabbit Hole touches to it, making it our very own. The contestants will be on a mission to find the Louboutins that will be hidden somewhere around campus. The first contestant that finds it and gets it back to the organizers, GETS the pair of Louboutins for herself.

Are you dying to know what pair will be hidden? I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you, since the fashion team will be paying the Louboutins store a visit soon. What they’ve asked me to do is to ask you, what pair of Louboutins are you expecting?

Since I shared this with you, I might as well give you a hint of where the pair of red soles will be … Somewhere around Zayed University Abu Dhabi Campus. That’s all I can say for now. Are you excited and ready for this mission? It’s something that definitely should not be missed.

Here are some Louboutins that might be in the Scavenger Hunt:


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One response to “Sky High Scavenger Hunt, Mission: Louboutins.

  • Nora

    Wow what an exciting idea, and differently will get girls moving around the university. Just one question, what will happen if the girl found a pair and it showed up to be bigger of smaller than her size will she have the chance to take it to the store for a replacement? Wishing you all the best regarding such amazing activity, and can’t wait to particept in it my self :p

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