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High Fashion Winter Wonderland

I had to share this with everyone after seeing these shots by the Fashion Photographer ” Thomas Whiteside ” For Fashion magazine “Tatler” Russia.

Not only does it show case high fashion at its best , but it also features top model “Madeleine de la Motte” wearing gowns from Elie Saab , Valentino ,  Dior , Givenchy and Chanel Just to name a few.

Hope this will inspire you just as much as we were.

Inspiring Images











Louboutin’s For Him

At the Rabbit hole we try and promote fashion in the GCC. Not only for women but towards Men as well. Every man should be able to have the opportunity to express their style through fashion and a great way to do this is through Shoes !

Who doesn’t love a good pair of sneakers ? They can easily make you feel 100 percent more confident.

The Louboutin’s more famous for the Red souls on the feet and women’s Shoes, However they have been working on mens shoe collections for a few years now, and as we move into the year 2012 we decided to post some pieces of their latest collection, Its all eye candy with one of these pairs you cant go wrong !

Black Sneakers with Silver Studs

Louis Men’s Flat Spikes

While some of the pieces featured might not be in sale as of yet , We definitely want you all to keep an eye on them !

By : Ahmed Suhail

The Rabbits Favorite Items.

Ever wondered what each member truly loves, well today we interviewed The Rabbit Hole members & some of their volunteers to bring to you what they love.

Maitha AlMaktoum: The Founder Wears Prada.

Maitha's Favorite: Prada Earings

My Favorite fashion item for next season are the Prada Earrings !

As you know from our 2012 trends earrings are back in trend! I think their an easy way to easily glam up your look in seconds, and can really give you the wow factor plus change how you look.

Hessa AlAmri: An Affair With Cartier. 

What makes a women want a diamond ring?

”It wraps her finger with silver flames, engulfing her with the warmth of possessives. A declaration of love from ones mate”.
It is said that in medieval age though, diamond rings began to have a romantic connection. That act have been passed along to today’s time. We see in movies, him standing there, fiddling with the small navy blue box, nervous, for he’s about to commit his life for her, his one and only. There she comes thinking its another dinner date. He held her hands and goes down in one knee. Whatever he rehearsed have gone in spoof for he only uttered ‘ will you be my wife?”.

I basically have described one of many scenes I’d like my Mr. Right to propose to me in. But we all know Mr. White kandoora won’t go down in one knee asking me to be his wife.
Its just by that act, it makes a woman’s eternal desire to feel special, gives rise to her desire for diamond rings. But what about the ones whom are happily ms. Single ladies, whom don’t need to wait for mr. Right to buy her ‘the’ ring. A girl like me who stormed into Cartier, straight to the glass panel where her ring, soon to be carved with her name, lays there.
I could hear it saying ‘ where have you been all this time?’ And I reply with glittering eyes ‘ baby, I’ve been waiting for my credit card to give me the green light’.

Diamond, gold, accessory or even a plastic toy ring. My love affairs with rings dates way back when I was a kid who used to make rings with only beads and rubber strings. The rings and I share a passion that won’t be dismissed by time. For that it only gives me more lovers to adorn my fingers with.

– By Hessa AlAmri

Hessa's Favorite: Cartier Love Ring

Mohammad Suhail: Addicted to loafers.

Mohammad Expressed his loyalty to Tod’s Loafers, and how he only is sticking to Tod’s for the rest of his life for the loafers.

Mohammad's Favorite: Tod's Loafers

 Salma AlHussaini: Kelly my new Best Friend.

Salma & Kelly Best Friends Forever?

Salma Recommends The Croc Kelly

“The Kelly Bag is an iconic item that symbolizes not only fashion but also a sense of style and fashion appreciation. Along with that, I am absolutely in love with exotic leathers, therefore a crocodile leather Hermes Kelly bag is surely on my must buy list!” – Salma

Aysha AlHamrani (Mnawrah): A touch of elegance by Chanel.

“If you want any gown to look elegant put on a piece of Chanel” – Ayesha.

Aysha’s favorite jewelry piece from Chanel:

Aysha's Favorite: Chanel Necklace

Mashaikh AlRakhaimi: Gina & Me.

Gina stole my heart the moment I laid my eyes on her” – Mashaikh

Mashaikh's Favorite Gina Heels

Sara AlMadani: Once upon a time there was Cartier…

“My favorite is the Maillon Panthère bracelet from Cartier, love how classy and simple it is”
Maryam AlMansoori: Bronzed by MAC, not the sun!
I would recommend the girls to use the White Foundation + Pink Blush for winter look, and use Darker Foundation + Bronzer for a look that would suit any summer outfit.
“I won’t mind staying with MAC for the rest of my life”
Maitha Belhab: Me, Myself & My Louboutins

Maitha & Her Louboutins Obsession

Marilyn Monroe with her infamous line in the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental… But diamonds are a girl’s best friend .”

I won’t argue with that because I myself have a thing for them, but really don’t you think that high heels ought to be a girls best friend? High heels are rightfully by birth a girls best friend. To all girls out there. Haven’t you ever tried on your mothers high-heels when you were a kid? I sure did.

As I grew up my fascination with heels grew up with me. Almost every time I go shopping I buy me a pear of heels. Why? No good reason really, its just you never know when the occasions arises to wear them. That’s my lame excuse to myself for buying even more.

This random shopping have seized when I lied my eyes on them. Those black classic designed heels slashed with the blooded red signature mark of Louboutin’s. Most would label them as ‘Red Soles’. For indeed they seem to have a personality of their own. For if you put on a pear of spiked Louboutins, you instantly label yourself in how people would see you, fierce.

I see it as this, if you put on a casual dress with a killer of Louboutins heels then your good to go. Instantly those heels overshadow with beauty what you have on. I have been asked this question before ‘ What if you got stopped by a thief? You won’t be able to run’ and I answer I don’t need to run, ill just take one pear off and those 6inch heels would do all the defending I need. And besides if he was a smart thief with a fashion sense then he’ll be running off with my Loubies.

Ahmed: Louboutins For Him
I think this is a must have for spring summer 2012 (Mens Fashion) which is the Christian Louboutain spiked sneakers. Its very edgy and can really vamp up any look, whether your attending  an event or party with some friends this piece is fashion forward.
Ahmed’s Favorite
Latifa: I couldn’t stick with one favorite…

Kandee Limonade

 “A pair of the hottest shoes around, absolutely obsessed with kandee shoes at the moment !”

 One Piece Jumpsuit the ultimate piece for lazy days!

” Its an investment that will keep you warm for winters to come, and make you look cool at the same time!”

Men’s Fashion Trends Spring 2012

Clothing Fashion Spring 2012 :

  • JumpSuits- As we all know, men’s fashion trends tend to move slower than that of women’s. The biggest trend coming out this season for men is going to be the Jumpsuit look. The fashion trend is nothing new for us, it can be worn casually on a day out or with a suit jacket for a more formal occasion. This Look Can easily Be dressed up or down !
Dolce and Gabbana
  • Shorts – One of the big trends in fashion lately is Shorts. This trend is huge this summer and is definitely a must have for every mans closet. If you want to make a fashion statement this is the way to go!
Dolce and Gabbana
  • Loose Tailored Clothing – Loose tailored clothing are big for the Spring 2012 season. Lose fitting clothing such as seamless shoulders, and loose pants are expressing more freedom for men this season with the relaxed , oversized and loose look.
Nicole Farhi
  • Bold colors – Men trends for Spring/Summer 2012 are focusing more on the brave bold colors which makes an outfit more interesting.  Blues, Yellows, Oranges, Reds, and pink are among the top choices.  This style seems to be attracting our attention.         
  • Double Breasted Blazers – The double breasted blazers is a big trend in 2012.  This trend adds confidence to the look as It is a cut that broadens the shoulders and slims the waist.
  • Stylish Suits – Stylish suits have made a huge impact on the men’s trend for the Spring 2012 season. The suits include single and double-breasted jackets, pleated trousers and bold pocket square.

Mens Accessories Report Spring 2012 :

  • Mens Wedges – There is HOPE ! It took them long enough but finally ! Mens wedge shoes can be a good look for any man that probably need an extra inch or two ! Tom Cruise will definatly need this in his spring wardrobe !

  • Mens Clutch – Looks like they’ve done a Man’s Clutch ! I think this a great look and very fashion forward , and can be a very fashionable way of carrying your wallet and cell phone or any other nick knack !
Mens Hair Styles 2012 :
  • Short Curls
  • Brit Rock
By The Rabbit Hole Team

Spring 2012 Women’s Fashion Trends – The Rabbit Hole Edition

As the days are quickly passing by and we are almost entering a new year, most of us might be quiet lost with what to wear for this upcoming year. Since we at the Rabbit Hole always have our members backs from not doing a big fashion no no! We decided to share our tips and advices with you. 

The clothing trends for Spring/Summer 2012:

  • Cheerful Colors: Flashy yet elegant colors are in for the season as always and if you know how to match it up correctly you would be our role model. InsiderTip: don’t use a lot of colors at once, you don’t want to end up looking like a rainbow.

Nanette Lepore 2012

  • Anoraks: these fit quite perfectly with the whole look, just make sure you pick up the right one.

Rag and bone 2012

  • Statement Prints: prints that are bold and make a statement are in for this season. Some of the prints that are in are oversized florals, geometric, and also parrot prints. The prints that are also in are mirror like prints that reflect each other. Adding to the prints and what prints are hot for next season are “futuristic” prints, they consist of lots of graphic designed prints, that are not your usual stripes and polka dots.

Tip: Blend them wisely!

  • Pink Short Suits: yes yes most of you might be complaining where will you wear this … There are lots of places that you can put on your pink shorts, such as the ladies club, girls gatherings, or even just in your room for the sake of looking fashionable.


  • Pastel Tones: these are the color tones you would want to be wearing.

  • Peplums are this seasons MUST HAVE!

  • Baroque Flourishes: ornamental designs whether printed or embroidered, they add a touch of regal and class to your outfit.

  • Drop Waist: wear a pair of belts under your waist.

  • Ocean Themed: many designers have made clutches that are inspired by the ocean, such as pearl clutches, shark tooth necklaces, and coral embellishments.

  • Matte Satin, is the IT fabric of this season since most of the designers haven’t hesitated in using them for their outfits.

  • Abstract Art: look for pieces that have edge and shapes, with a the correct colors. Don’t worry you won’t look like an art gallery.

  • Glittery, Metallic Basics: Shiny Shiny Shiny is what everyone is looking for this upcoming season.                                                                                                                                           
            Dolce and Gabbana 2012

Tip: don’t go nuts and wear shiny from head to toe.

  • The 20’s: Simply elegant.

  • Sport Couture: Get the sporty yet feminine look.

Hair Trends: Hair stylists made sure to keep it simple this season.

  • Glistening Hair: the wet hair look but not too wet!

  • Ponytails: an easy do that everyone adores.

  • The Urban Wave: a loose curve in the hair, which only needs a blow dry, a little bit of iron curling, and going through it with the hands to get the natural look.

  • Embellished Up do’s: We all want to look glamourous, this season you can do it with your hair by adding pieces to your updo. Such as pearls, metallic pieces, feathers, or just leave it as a simple plain updo.

  • Bigger Blowouts: Puffed up, rich, and gorgeous. The elegant era has returned, all you need is some mousse, hair in curls, then open it and tousle. With this look be sure you will have all eyes on you!

  • Sophisticated Braids and Twists. 

Accessories Trends Spring/Summer 2012:

  • Tribal Treats – What we Love about Tribal accessor pieces is that i can be worn on a casual outing with friends for coffee at Starbucks or can be even worn with a plain white blouse as a statement pieces to give your look a more chic look !
  • Futuristic – Dont be afraid to stand out from the crowd ! A futuristic inspired accessory will definitely give you that unordinary look !
  • Earrings  – Earrings are one of our personal Favorites because it can easily change our entire look and can glam it up within seconds ! We are so happy that earrings are back in trend !
  • Floral Galore – What Girl dosent love her floral inspired prints and accessories ? Bring out you inner feminine alter ego , You cant go wrong!
Alexander McQueen
These are the secrets we have that we decided to share with you today! We hope that it has benefited it you and gave you an idea on your daily looks for s/s 2012. We want you all to look as chic, pretty, and beautiful as ever! 
Yours Truly,
The Rabbits

Social Rabbit – Sara AlMadani


Drawing Done by : @AliAlosh

I’m sure you’re all wondering who’s the Face behind our twitter account @RabbitHole_UAE? And who is constantly updating you with the latest on what’s happening in wonderland.

It would be non other than our social Rabbit Sara AlMadani who has been a rabbit for a while now. Not only is Sara our Social Rabbit But there are many qualities to this person than you might think. “As harsh as this may seem to be she’s the most lenient of all. As Rabbits we all tend to dream a lot but Sara keeps us grounded and slaps us back to reality when needed. She gives it to us without sugar coating therefore we are very much proud to have her represent The Rabbit Hole team” Nour al Harmoodi.

Being The Founder of The rabbit Hole Myself I would like to give you a small picture of how it is like to work with Sara on a day to day basis. Sara is definalty one of the most hard working people I have ever met she goes into everything with 100% effort and never complains about how much work she has to do. She has definitely been a great advisor to me when I needed an outside perspective on things. I’m so proud to have her as a member and handle the PR I would be lost without her.

Here are some words on Sara from some of our members and volunteers at The Rabbit Hole Team:

“caring and kind hearted, emotionally awkward” – Mashaykh Al Rakhaimi

“Sara is respectful, funny and cool, I’ve known her for 4 years now and I adore her “ – Aisha Al Hamrani

“Our Social Rabbit isn’t the most cheerful of people but her every smile between us is what makes us go through the day because we KNOW everything is going as planned when she’s around “ – Nour Al Harmoodi

“ Intimidating at first, but she warms into you so easily” – Latifa M

“A sweetheart that really can turn serious when it comes to work. She has great social skills and confidence which many lack” – Maryam Al Mansoori

“ She’s one of the most hard working people I’ve see that work with the media” – Mohammad Al Banna

“She’s a very active person and wont let anything come in her way “ – Salma Al Hussaini

“ A great Social Success and a pretty girl who plays her cards carefully” – Marwa Karam “

Whether she has an interview on television or the radio or even a brave stand infront of hundreds of people in a crowd talking about The Rabbit Hole. She’s the Voice of the Rabbits and she carries with her our message for the world to know” – Hessa al Amri

By: MaMa Rabbit – Maitha Al Maktoum