Social Rabbit – Sara AlMadani


Drawing Done by : @AliAlosh

I’m sure you’re all wondering who’s the Face behind our twitter account @RabbitHole_UAE? And who is constantly updating you with the latest on what’s happening in wonderland.

It would be non other than our social Rabbit Sara AlMadani who has been a rabbit for a while now. Not only is Sara our Social Rabbit But there are many qualities to this person than you might think. “As harsh as this may seem to be she’s the most lenient of all. As Rabbits we all tend to dream a lot but Sara keeps us grounded and slaps us back to reality when needed. She gives it to us without sugar coating therefore we are very much proud to have her represent The Rabbit Hole team” Nour al Harmoodi.

Being The Founder of The rabbit Hole Myself I would like to give you a small picture of how it is like to work with Sara on a day to day basis. Sara is definalty one of the most hard working people I have ever met she goes into everything with 100% effort and never complains about how much work she has to do. She has definitely been a great advisor to me when I needed an outside perspective on things. I’m so proud to have her as a member and handle the PR I would be lost without her.

Here are some words on Sara from some of our members and volunteers at The Rabbit Hole Team:

“caring and kind hearted, emotionally awkward” – Mashaykh Al Rakhaimi

“Sara is respectful, funny and cool, I’ve known her for 4 years now and I adore her “ – Aisha Al Hamrani

“Our Social Rabbit isn’t the most cheerful of people but her every smile between us is what makes us go through the day because we KNOW everything is going as planned when she’s around “ – Nour Al Harmoodi

“ Intimidating at first, but she warms into you so easily” – Latifa M

“A sweetheart that really can turn serious when it comes to work. She has great social skills and confidence which many lack” – Maryam Al Mansoori

“ She’s one of the most hard working people I’ve see that work with the media” – Mohammad Al Banna

“She’s a very active person and wont let anything come in her way “ – Salma Al Hussaini

“ A great Social Success and a pretty girl who plays her cards carefully” – Marwa Karam “

Whether she has an interview on television or the radio or even a brave stand infront of hundreds of people in a crowd talking about The Rabbit Hole. She’s the Voice of the Rabbits and she carries with her our message for the world to know” – Hessa al Amri

By: MaMa Rabbit – Maitha Al Maktoum


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