Men’s Fashion Trends Spring 2012

Clothing Fashion Spring 2012 :

  • JumpSuits- As we all know, men’s fashion trends tend to move slower than that of women’s. The biggest trend coming out this season for men is going to be the Jumpsuit look. The fashion trend is nothing new for us, it can be worn casually on a day out or with a suit jacket for a more formal occasion. This Look Can easily Be dressed up or down !
Dolce and Gabbana
  • Shorts – One of the big trends in fashion lately is Shorts. This trend is huge this summer and is definitely a must have for every mans closet. If you want to make a fashion statement this is the way to go!
Dolce and Gabbana
  • Loose Tailored Clothing – Loose tailored clothing are big for the Spring 2012 season. Lose fitting clothing such as seamless shoulders, and loose pants are expressing more freedom for men this season with the relaxed , oversized and loose look.
Nicole Farhi
  • Bold colors – Men trends for Spring/Summer 2012 are focusing more on the brave bold colors which makes an outfit more interesting.  Blues, Yellows, Oranges, Reds, and pink are among the top choices.  This style seems to be attracting our attention.         
  • Double Breasted Blazers – The double breasted blazers is a big trend in 2012.  This trend adds confidence to the look as It is a cut that broadens the shoulders and slims the waist.
  • Stylish Suits – Stylish suits have made a huge impact on the men’s trend for the Spring 2012 season. The suits include single and double-breasted jackets, pleated trousers and bold pocket square.

Mens Accessories Report Spring 2012 :

  • Mens Wedges – There is HOPE ! It took them long enough but finally ! Mens wedge shoes can be a good look for any man that probably need an extra inch or two ! Tom Cruise will definatly need this in his spring wardrobe !

  • Mens Clutch – Looks like they’ve done a Man’s Clutch ! I think this a great look and very fashion forward , and can be a very fashionable way of carrying your wallet and cell phone or any other nick knack !
Mens Hair Styles 2012 :
  • Short Curls
  • Brit Rock
By The Rabbit Hole Team

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