The Rabbits Favorite Items.

Ever wondered what each member truly loves, well today we interviewed The Rabbit Hole members & some of their volunteers to bring to you what they love.

Maitha AlMaktoum: The Founder Wears Prada.

Maitha's Favorite: Prada Earings

My Favorite fashion item for next season are the Prada Earrings !

As you know from our 2012 trends earrings are back in trend! I think their an easy way to easily glam up your look in seconds, and can really give you the wow factor plus change how you look.

Hessa AlAmri: An Affair With Cartier. 

What makes a women want a diamond ring?

”It wraps her finger with silver flames, engulfing her with the warmth of possessives. A declaration of love from ones mate”.
It is said that in medieval age though, diamond rings began to have a romantic connection. That act have been passed along to today’s time. We see in movies, him standing there, fiddling with the small navy blue box, nervous, for he’s about to commit his life for her, his one and only. There she comes thinking its another dinner date. He held her hands and goes down in one knee. Whatever he rehearsed have gone in spoof for he only uttered ‘ will you be my wife?”.

I basically have described one of many scenes I’d like my Mr. Right to propose to me in. But we all know Mr. White kandoora won’t go down in one knee asking me to be his wife.
Its just by that act, it makes a woman’s eternal desire to feel special, gives rise to her desire for diamond rings. But what about the ones whom are happily ms. Single ladies, whom don’t need to wait for mr. Right to buy her ‘the’ ring. A girl like me who stormed into Cartier, straight to the glass panel where her ring, soon to be carved with her name, lays there.
I could hear it saying ‘ where have you been all this time?’ And I reply with glittering eyes ‘ baby, I’ve been waiting for my credit card to give me the green light’.

Diamond, gold, accessory or even a plastic toy ring. My love affairs with rings dates way back when I was a kid who used to make rings with only beads and rubber strings. The rings and I share a passion that won’t be dismissed by time. For that it only gives me more lovers to adorn my fingers with.

– By Hessa AlAmri

Hessa's Favorite: Cartier Love Ring

Mohammad Suhail: Addicted to loafers.

Mohammad Expressed his loyalty to Tod’s Loafers, and how he only is sticking to Tod’s for the rest of his life for the loafers.

Mohammad's Favorite: Tod's Loafers

 Salma AlHussaini: Kelly my new Best Friend.

Salma & Kelly Best Friends Forever?

Salma Recommends The Croc Kelly

“The Kelly Bag is an iconic item that symbolizes not only fashion but also a sense of style and fashion appreciation. Along with that, I am absolutely in love with exotic leathers, therefore a crocodile leather Hermes Kelly bag is surely on my must buy list!” – Salma

Aysha AlHamrani (Mnawrah): A touch of elegance by Chanel.

“If you want any gown to look elegant put on a piece of Chanel” – Ayesha.

Aysha’s favorite jewelry piece from Chanel:

Aysha's Favorite: Chanel Necklace

Mashaikh AlRakhaimi: Gina & Me.

Gina stole my heart the moment I laid my eyes on her” – Mashaikh

Mashaikh's Favorite Gina Heels

Sara AlMadani: Once upon a time there was Cartier…

“My favorite is the Maillon Panthère bracelet from Cartier, love how classy and simple it is”
Maryam AlMansoori: Bronzed by MAC, not the sun!
I would recommend the girls to use the White Foundation + Pink Blush for winter look, and use Darker Foundation + Bronzer for a look that would suit any summer outfit.
“I won’t mind staying with MAC for the rest of my life”
Maitha Belhab: Me, Myself & My Louboutins

Maitha & Her Louboutins Obsession

Marilyn Monroe with her infamous line in the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes:

“A kiss on the hand may be quite continental… But diamonds are a girl’s best friend .”

I won’t argue with that because I myself have a thing for them, but really don’t you think that high heels ought to be a girls best friend? High heels are rightfully by birth a girls best friend. To all girls out there. Haven’t you ever tried on your mothers high-heels when you were a kid? I sure did.

As I grew up my fascination with heels grew up with me. Almost every time I go shopping I buy me a pear of heels. Why? No good reason really, its just you never know when the occasions arises to wear them. That’s my lame excuse to myself for buying even more.

This random shopping have seized when I lied my eyes on them. Those black classic designed heels slashed with the blooded red signature mark of Louboutin’s. Most would label them as ‘Red Soles’. For indeed they seem to have a personality of their own. For if you put on a pear of spiked Louboutins, you instantly label yourself in how people would see you, fierce.

I see it as this, if you put on a casual dress with a killer of Louboutins heels then your good to go. Instantly those heels overshadow with beauty what you have on. I have been asked this question before ‘ What if you got stopped by a thief? You won’t be able to run’ and I answer I don’t need to run, ill just take one pear off and those 6inch heels would do all the defending I need. And besides if he was a smart thief with a fashion sense then he’ll be running off with my Loubies.

Ahmed: Louboutins For Him
I think this is a must have for spring summer 2012 (Mens Fashion) which is the Christian Louboutain spiked sneakers. Its very edgy and can really vamp up any look, whether your attending  an event or party with some friends this piece is fashion forward.
Ahmed’s Favorite
Latifa: I couldn’t stick with one favorite…

Kandee Limonade

 “A pair of the hottest shoes around, absolutely obsessed with kandee shoes at the moment !”

 One Piece Jumpsuit the ultimate piece for lazy days!

” Its an investment that will keep you warm for winters to come, and make you look cool at the same time!”


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