The Rabbits Invade ZU Abu Dhabi Campus: Abaya Competition

As you all know we had our event at Zayed University Abu Dhabi Campus, where we had 10 representatives that have done a great job in making this event happen. We will be getting into more details about the event and who our representatives were, but for this post we would like to share some pictures of the Project Runway: Abaya Competition, which was brought to you by Mauzan.

There were seven groups which consisted of Zayed University students, they had one whole day to work on Mauzan’s signature abaya and add their ideas on it.

Here are the abaya’s the teams made:

This is the winning abaya by Fatima Adel, Mariam Al Hosani, Mariam Al Qubaisi, Afra Al Suwaidi & Amna Al Sada

The Winning Abaya

The winning abaya, 2nd runner-up, made by Mariam Abdullah Omar & Shurooq Al Tunaiji

Winning Abaya

It was a shock to all of us, however a nice shock. The judges made the decision that these two abaya’s truly both deserve to be the winners. So, they both won the title of the best design.

The Third Abaya

The Fourth Abaya

The Fourth Abaya: Back

The Fifth Abaya

The Sixth Abaya

The Seventh Abaya

Seventh Abaya: Close Up

We believe all Abaya’s had their own thing, they were really catchy, had a clear concept, and attractive. We are really proud of all the seven teams. We want them to go on and work their way in the fashion world, you took the first step and you proved to us and the crowd that you can do it.

The Seven Abayas

Hessa AlFalasi, Rafia Bin Drai, & Amal Murad.

All seven models stood in front of the three Abaya Competition judges which were, Rafia Bin Drai the founder of Mauzan, Hessa AlFalasi the founder of HF Designs, and Amal Murad the founder of Redaa – Amal Murad. The three of them together judged the abaya’s and decided which one should be the winner.

Special thanks to Mauzan and all the support they have given us, since the beginning of The Rabbit Hole – ZU Abu Dhabi Event.

We would also love to thank Rafia Bin Drai, Hessa AlFalasi, and Amal Murad, our three judges for the Project Runway: Abaya Competition. Their support to The Rabbit Hole is the main reason for our success.


@MauzanMauzan Abayas

@_HF_HF Designs

@AmalMuradAmal Murad

Yours Truly,

The Rabbit Hole Team


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