TRH hand-in-hand with XPOZE!

Recently, The Rabbit Hole team wrote a ‘thank you’ note “from the nation to the nation”, quoted from XPOZE. XPOZE is an Emirati initiative that initiated a campaign called #ShukranEmaraty with a twist to it which is assigning 7 teams competing with each other as to whom collected the most ‘thank you’ notes, and our very own Baby Rabbit participated in the cause as a volunteer in Team 7.

Well, now we’ve got news of which team is the winner. XPOZE gathered the teams together for an exciting event that they created to announce the winning team. It was very organized and held on the top of the parking right in front of the building where the artwork is being made.

After announcing the third and second place winners, all the other teams got anxious to know who won first place! And guess who did? YES! Team 7 had won first place by collecting over 100,000 Dhs worth of notes. The team jumped from excitement and was proud with what that they have achieved. The prize was 25,000 Dhs and since they used twitter as their main source of attracting people, XPOZE came up with a very creative gift… It was two lovebirds in a cage! Team 7’s leader, Abdulla Al Nuaimi, came up with the names Tweet and Retweet for the birds.

The experience itself was great and we as The Rabbit Hole members were happy to be part of it. A picture of the people who attended, and the artwork still under construction that will be held on the building behind the team.


Team 7 with their prizes.



– Baby Rabbit


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