Emirati BOWtique!

Here in the Rabbit Hole journal, we’ve been posting threads about fashion for ladies and gentlemen over and over again forgetting the main purpose of our initiative, which is shining the spotlight on youthful Emirati or GCC designers, and showing the world of fashion that designers are not only limited to Europe and America, but to practically every region in the world!

Yes, young designers… and yes, Emirati women! They, too, have their fair share in fashion! Whether it was from clothing or accessories, and today we shine the spotlight on an Emirati brand that is dedicated to make you look like you entered a time-machine to “produce” you as a classy 50’s chick!

BOWtique, created & fabricated by Fatima Al Mehairi, offers you a various set of dresses, shirts & pants that are, literally, to die for. The collection in her website has a variety of themes such as daytime, nighttime, you can even find a couple of pieces you can wear over a friend’s place!

Each and every masterpiece of hers has a name of its own, and man does she get created with the names or what! All of her BOWtique closet is up on her website along with their prices. Aside of the clothing line, and as Al Mehairi has her photoshoots done for her products, she also makes it easier for the buyer to get access to any kind of accessory put on the model by offering it on her website.

As Al Mehairi would put it, “BOWtique’s collection is full of elegant pieces inspired by vintage influences,” one can only imagine how she fabricates them with love & dedication!

Here is Al Mehairi’s BOWtique simple collection:

 Did we mention that Fatima Al Mehairi is also sending her pieces international? This lady sure knows what she’s doing, and she sure is aiming for the stars!

Contact BOWtique through her Twitter & her blog.

Photography by Tasneem Photography, find her through Facebook & Twitter.


I cannnnot possibly wait to get myself into one of those gorgeous dresses! xx


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