The Rabbits attend Women As Global Leaders Conference in AD

This years Women As Global Leaders Conference was held at the Zayed University Campus in Abu Dhabi on the 13th, 14th and 15th of March 2012. Several members of The Rabbit Hole team were lucky enough to attend such a prestigious event and were able to meet such inspiring women from all over the world. The conference was a three day event in which various exciting activities were held and talks  hosted by many influential women as well as men.

On the Opening Ceremony His Highness sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak al Nahayan took the stage with a very inspiring speech on behalf of his mother Her Highness Sheikh Fatima bint Mubarak al Nahayan, talking about women’s important role in our society. Many other influential women took the stage to talk about various roles of women in leadership roles such as science , environmental issues , entrepreneurship and politics were only some of the topics discussed.

” We need to help develop and nurture women’s skills not just in school and university but in her career as well “

                                                                                                                                      – His Highness Shaikh Nahayan bin Mubarak al Nahayan

On of our Favourite speeches by Holly wood actress Sigourney weaver about preserving our environment for a better future for the next generation of our world in which she said :

”  Crown Prince, Mohamed bin Zayed has installed solar towers above his court making him ahead of the white house”

                                                                                                                                                                                          –  Sigourney Weaver

The Next two days were filled of workshops and panel discussions with Arab Female Role Models such as CEO of twofour54 Noura al Kaabi and  and Amina Taher communications manager at Mubadala just to name a few. The workshops were very helpful as we got to have discussions on various issues such as sustainability and innovation in all the different topics of the event, not to mention the many students that had come to the conference from countries like Canada , Africa and Kuwait was a real eye opener in which we got to learn more about each other’s culture’s and roles in society.

We leave you below with a photo diary of the amazing three day conference :

Shaikh Nahayan with H.H Lolwa Al Saud and Baroness Ann Kennedy

Actress Sigourney Weaver

Fireworks Display

H.H Shaikh Nahayan at one of the workshops

H.H Shaikh Nahayan with Robert Geldof

Discussion Panel with Noura al Kaabi , Badria Khalfan , Amina Taher and Moza al Otaiba

Photography : Abdul Jabar

By: The Rabbit Hole Team


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