An insight on Maison Chanel’s Tweed Jacket

Our current competition that’s going on is about the statement Tweed Jacket. So we figured that it’s only relevant if we give you a brief background about how it emerged and why we are so in love with this significant piece of clothing.

Chanel… Class, Sophistication, Style, Elegance and the list can go on and on and on…

Tweed jackets are most common and known to us through the Chanel Haute Couture. However, Tweed developed back in the British Empire and was known among the small farmers and land laborers. Later on, tweed became more and more famous and the elite of the society got introduced to it. Because tweed is very hard to make, and only a few actually have the hands and the mechanic to make the statement jackets, it has become much more pricey and the crème de la crème were the ones who were famous for wearing it.

An Inspirational Video – How the Tweed Fabric is made

This YouTube video is one of the most inspirational clips we’ve ever encountered. It’s about an old French lady that lives in the French Countryside and is known for making the best Tweed jackets and clothing in the world. Yes, Chanel works with her too. This lady has worked most of her life in this field, not to forget that she also takes care of her horses at the stables.

The accuracy and precision in her work made her the most famous in this arena.

Chanel has sent many workers over the years to learn how to make Tweed fabric but with no success it deemed far too complicated, but no one had the sleight in hands to get the pieces done so seamlessly. Keeping in mind that this woman, is in her eighty’s approx. it is very impressing how she is still going on with her life working and doing what she loves most: Tweed!

Although the video is in german , we still think its one that will inspire any fashion designer out there.

Tweed seems aristocratic but it does transfer a lot of history and heritage with it, and it once upon a time covered all classes just like the American Denim! This statement piece of clothing carries low-key sophistication but today, Chanel has managed to turn around the table and make it seem edgy, sophisticated and feminine all at once.

“Tweed is much more than a piece of cloth. It speaks of standards to live up to. And it is thus more than a statement: it is a promise.”

Here is a brief on the history of the Tweed Jacket :


With all the above being said, Chanel has always astonished us with their Jackets and clothing. Here is a quick preview on the whole process from inside Maison Chanel.


The classic Chanel Tweed look. C‘est très chic!


An example of Tweed colors and patterns that are used for different seasons.


The fashionista and extremely elegant Olivia Palermo looks gorgeous in her Tweed jacket.


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