The Rabbits’ Fave Summer Item ☀


Yes the heat in Dubai might be excruciating buttt that only means we get to wear colorful light fashionable items to bear with the heat! Summer to me is all about bright colors, floral prints, shades and light bangles, and here is what summer means to The Rabbit Hole team:

“I chose this maxi dress ‘Chatterbox’ by Tibi. It doesn’t require much effort and the cut is very flattering, also the color blocking can make you stand out in the crowd. I can wear this under my abaya and not feel so hot due to the weather. Every woman needs some sort of a maxi dress in her wardrobe, it’s very feminine and flirty, and can make anyone look fashion forward with the right choice of accessories.

I especially love the cut in the back, it’s my favorite part of the dress!” – Maitha Al Maktoum, TRH founder.


As for Sara Al Madani, TRH treasurer, she’s all for floral, flowy and comfortable summer dresses, weather short or long!


White button-up blouse! I have to confess, I’m not one of those fabulously fashionistas out there, just a simple regular girl whom occasionally have her Blair Waldorf moments. Saying that, I have chosen my summer item for this year and it’s one of H&M wonders, if I may say. Walks at the beach, simple friends gathering or doing your art assignment at 1am in the morning, it’s the shirt for the job.” – Hessa Al Amri, TRH member.


For men, Mohammed S., TRH member, believes that Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirts are the best, most comfortable this summer 😉


Annnd as for myself, Nour Al Harmoodi, TRH member, I’m turning all Emily VanCamp this summer! Her style is fabulous; the colors she chooses compliments her skin tone and the clothes she chooses compliments her body! Not to mention that I totally fell in love with her choice of colorful accessories, the bangles are ahh-mazing. (P.s, you’ll find her in Cosmopolitan in the nearest supermarket!)

So tell me dear viewers and readers, what is YOUR favorite fashion item this summer?!

– Dreamy Rabbit, xo


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