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The Rabbits Meet Essex Royalty Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburg

A few Weeks ago some of The Rabbit Hole Members had the privilege of meeting with two of England’s Hot Shot celebrities known for their roles in Reality Tv series ” The Only Way is Essex ” Mario Falcone and his Newly Fiance Lucy Mecklenburg.

We cannot even begin to tell you how down to earth and friendly they were, and not to mention their impeccable style in fashion. They were both invited to have tea at The Ritz Carlton and to our surprise Mario Falcone being the gentleman that he is came in hand with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the pair.

We had also given lucy a traditional “Thob” that women wear here in the UAE and some souvenirs for them both to take back home to england.

The discussion over tea then moved on to talking about both their interest in fashion, Mario who works at “English Tailoring” in london that make custom tailored suits to fit your body type. This shop is a must when heading to england this summer for all the GCC visitors, it would be the best place to buy a suit for meetings or even trips abroad. Lucy who also spoke about her boutique “Lucy’s Boutique” @Lucys_Boutique located in brentwood essex, the boutique sells dresses , accessories and all types of fashionable products for all you women.

The Pair have clearly made a huge break through in the fashion industry, People cant get enough of Mario Falcone’s Haircut featured below , even celebrities like Beckham and Peter andrea who where pictured a while after in the same style haircut.

By : The Rabbit Hole Team

Twitter : @TheRabbitHoleAE

The Rabbits Invade – UAE : Are You Game

By : @Mnawrah – Aysha al Hamrani

UAE: Are You Game?

I think it has been long enough since our last public appearance, agree? But this time, it’s something completely different than what you’re used to seeing from The Rabbit Hole. This time, you’ll see what it means to have fun in fashion!


ThinkUp, Talent & PR Company, has initiated a plan and with along with The Rabbit Hole, 1971 team and Emirates Diaries magazine, this plan is coming to life on Friday, 29th of June, 2012!

Seeing as the event is a fund-raising occasion for the UAE’s Paralympic team, they thought it must be something out of the usual. This summer, ThinkUp is organizing an event for all you youth out there; an event full of fun and excitement. The event is titled “UAE: Are You Game?”
During the event, every initiative will have an hour of two segments of games to entertain and engage with the audience. “The Tunnel of Makeover” where you will witness a head-to-toe change from a trashy look to a classy look and “Spot the Fake” where the audience will be interguied to vote on which brand is fake and which is genuine are two games brought to you and organized by The Rabbit Hole team.

Before the games start, there will also be a silent auction for you to take part in. Four hand-picked designers from The Rabbit Hole will be displaying a unique collection of their work made exclusively for the event.

Event Details:
Name: “UAE: Are You Game?”
Venue: Al Meydan IMAX Theatre
Date: Friday 29th of June
Timings: 7pm – 10pm
Entrance Fees: AED 200 (Regular Admission) & AED 300 (VIP Admission)
To Purchase Tickets:


We’re thrilled to see you there so buckle up for a live game show extravaganza!

The Launch of Front Row Mode at the King Of Diamonds Boutique (Harry Winston).

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Launch of what we think will be one of the most sought after magazines in the GCC.

Front Row Mode had launched their Magazine in the UAE, founded by Ali Mehrdad and Amnah Khalfan at Harry Winston Boutique in Emirates Towers.

The magazine will be distributed all over Dubai with future plans to spread into the GCC, as for the production of the magazine it will be on a quarterly basis (once every 3 months),where it will be show casing young emirate and GCC  talents  in fashion and arts.

We were featured as one of the upcoming fashion companies in the UAE, promoting GCC fashion brands. Photos of our first event in Zayed University were displayed by Nour Al Harmoodi @nawariCo and some artwork from our graphic designer Aisha Al Hamrani @Mnawrah .

We Leave you now with photos of the event and the magazine.




By: Shaima BinFalah.

Photography by: Shaima BinFalah (@shaimabinfalah)


Classic or Vintage ?

Fashion? Vintage? Classic? We hear those words quite a lot nowadays, but do we know what it really means?

Before I start with explaining those terms, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of brands who misuse those terms, Using Vintage after our “Brand” Name or Classic and Fashions is not the right way after all we don’t want to turn into a cliche of what everyone else is doing.

Before launching your collection you need to be able to have a valid name to it and why you chose this name in particular.

E.g : Coco Chanel , named her label after herself which is much more of a commercial name.

On the other hand, The Hermès family, originally Germans, settled in France in 1828. In 1837, Thierry Hermès first established Hermès as a harness workshop on the Grands Boulevards quarter of Paris, dedicated to serving European Nobleman. He created some of the finest wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade and thats how they established their brand and name.

Its okay to say that we are still learning and with experience and time as well as knowledge blooms a true fashionista. Fashion is not about wearing expensive designer clothes, its about being able to mix an match more affordable pieces with those one or two expensive ones.

Our topic is about misusing fashion terms. We’ve been hearing a lot of people nowadays use the word VINTAGE, but do they actually know what it means?

Vintage : items/clothes/Jewellery/shoe must be very very old & used item, that’s why they call it vintage.

On the contrary, A classic item : means it can be a brand new item, however the design is old/timeless/permanent. For example, The chanel 2.5 or an Hermès birkin is a classic/timeless design. A lot of people get confused between those 2 terms, Vintage & Classic.

The aim behind this article is to educate our readers about branding their fashion labels. Hopefully, today you learned something simple & sweet.


By: Abdulla Al Rayes

Twitter Handle : @AbdullaAlRayes

Falling In Love with Frankie Morello

The Milan Based brand Frankie Morello was first founded in 1999 which is not a very long time ago if you think about it. In the past 13 years designers Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti were able to build up a brand faster than many world wide fashion brands.

Maurizio who was an aspiring actor and a dancer/choreographer first started out as a costume designer for many theatrical acts in italy while Pier who had studied architecture had wrote his dissertation about the architecture of the suit which led him to studying suits in more depth.

When both had met at a dinner party it was evidently clear they both wanted to perssue fashion and build up a company that would us men’s suit as a signature to their label.


Here are some of the looks designed by Frankie Morello FW 2012/2013 :


By : The Rabbit Hole Team

TRH @ GlamBox! ☆

It wasn’t so long ago that my friends at Zayed University were planning their internships and it didn’t take them much to settle for GlamBox! Glambox is all about the brains and beauty locked up in a box to produce to you all that you need from branded products!

Zayed University PR graduates Noor Al Fardan and Alya Khalifa wanted to make sure that every girl out there who is in need of products and is having a hard time looking for them gets introduced to GlamBox! And it goes without saying that the most effective way of gathering girls is planning a tea party! I, for one, was very, very excited.

As I walked into the elite tea party organized by the two GlamBox interns, it actually did give me a feel of elegance and beauty. I felt prettier! They got little snacks that can be eaten in one munch, little red popsicles, bright-colored candies and fresh drinks of all colors and flavors to support the beauty vitamins in our body.

The Rabbit Hole team and I enjoyed our time very much and had a glamorous tour as well as we roamed the event’s venue. I signed up for GlamBox already and I am incredibly excited to start wandering around their website!

Here it is,

Enjoy your stay ladies!

– Dreamy Rabbit, xo