The Rabbits Meet Essex Royalty Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburg

A few Weeks ago some of The Rabbit Hole Members had the privilege of meeting with two of England’s Hot Shot celebrities known for their roles in Reality Tv series ” The Only Way is Essex ” Mario Falcone and his Newly Fiance Lucy Mecklenburg.

We cannot even begin to tell you how down to earth and friendly they were, and not to mention their impeccable style in fashion. They were both invited to have tea at The Ritz Carlton and to our surprise Mario Falcone being the gentleman that he is came in hand with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the pair.

We had also given lucy a traditional “Thob” that women wear here in the UAE and some souvenirs for them both to take back home to england.

The discussion over tea then moved on to talking about both their interest in fashion, Mario who works at “English Tailoring” in london that make custom tailored suits to fit your body type. This shop is a must when heading to england this summer for all the GCC visitors, it would be the best place to buy a suit for meetings or even trips abroad. Lucy who also spoke about her boutique “Lucy’s Boutique” @Lucys_Boutique located in brentwood essex, the boutique sells dresses , accessories and all types of fashionable products for all you women.

The Pair have clearly made a huge break through in the fashion industry, People cant get enough of Mario Falcone’s Haircut featured below , even celebrities like Beckham and Peter andrea who where pictured a while after in the same style haircut.

By : The Rabbit Hole Team

Twitter : @TheRabbitHoleAE


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