Shamballa Bracelets

At The Rabbit Hole we love keeping you all updated with the latest fashion trends and although these have been around for a while we have been getting a lot of  requests on where to find these bracelets in dubai.
These Shamballa bracelets are worn by most female and male celebrities today and here is a bit of information you should know about it :
LEVIER is a design house based in Dubai that prides itself on creating innovative hand crafted Jewelry that is youthful, elegant and most of all a symbolic
statement of individuality.

LEVIER is a word derived from the French definite article “Le” meaning “the” which is used for masculine nouns, this was chosen because the design house was founded as a male brand. The word “Vie” symbolizing “life” which is a complex process and not of pure substance.

Every piece is hand crafted with utmost care and a strict zero tolerance policy on quality control is always enforced.

The pieces, which are made from semi precious stones and cubic zirconia crystals are selected with special emphasis on creating
compositions with eye catching colour combinations. All elements including the threading have been patiently put together.

Our Shamballa:
The meaning of the shamballa bracelets is based of the heart chakra and the symbol for mind, old Buddist and Tibetin beliefs and basic human wisdom, We incorporated this philosophy into each of the designs through the beads used
in each piece. Our goal is to make stylish pieces that are unique and elegant.

To order contact :
or : 0503947449
 500 dhs
370 dhs
 220 dhs
 370 dhs
 370 dhs
350 dhs
By The Rabbit Hole Team

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