Fashion Bloggers – The new era of Influencers

Blogging is taking the internet by storm and becoming the current new social phenomenon, no more so than fashion blogging. The fashion blogger acts as a reviewer of a particular business/product whether its a boutique, a designer, a fashion brand, makeup and other related products.

So why are Bloggers still in the game ?

Most fashion bloggers start out with a sense a purpose to showcase a certain talent in their blogs whether they ace in photography, have good writing skills, a social media pro, an excellent stylist,  designer, artist and maybe all of the above. They want to experiment with their skills and establish a networking base to enable them to meet different kind of people who share the same interests and can help them enhance their existing careers and establish new ones in due course.

Fashion blogs have become an important part of mainstream fashion press. They offer a huge range of material from how to wear tutorials, runaway shows, personal holiday adventures, product reviews and magazine editorials.

The power of Bloggers?

The power and the influence of fashion bloggers lies in the fact that they have challenged the dominant perception of fashion visual culture as something that could be worn by thin young women and that all women of different backgrounds, sizes and ages can establish their own unique style. Also, they take it upon themselves to juggle various kind of roles in one as they can act as writers, journalists, advertisers, editors, photographers, designers, personal stylists and more.

Consumers usually perceive fashion bloggers as real and genuine in their blogs because they embrace individuality,diversity and democracy in their opinions. Fashion bloggers earn their credibility through standing their own ground and expressing their creative ideas about the fashion industry. This has lead to democratization of the fashion industry meaning that the fashion bloggers views are based on their own and not tainted by external factors such as being pressured by a specific advertiser or a designer . In addition, they have allowed for the participation of the average person through commenting therefore it illustrates that the normal person can have a voice and earn a place in the fashion industry.

Fashion designers are growing to witness the popularity and the strong influence of fashion bloggers in attracting large followers and they consider their inputs as extremely vital in shaping up their fashion collections as they place them in direct contact with their customers. Nowadays, fashion designers encourage fashion bloggers to be involved in their promotional strategies evidently in the recent rise of collaborations between the bloggers and designers such as in popup shows, clothing lines and styling events.

Blogger’s Fee and Integrity

Running a blog is like running a business, its hard work and time consuming. The toughest question for a fashion blogger is to determine when to charge and when to do something for free and the best way to determine this is to research what is typical and what is not standard within the blogging industry. A blogger starting out should primarily focus on establishing good relationships with other bloggers, fashion designers and advertising agencies. A good rule is that if a blogger have been asked to work on a series of assignments within a specific time frame on behalf of a brand then it is considered promotional work which should be charged. However, if the blogger is presented with information on a brand or an event  it’s not something to be charged for as its editorial work and the same goes for charity. In addition, its a common thing for brands, advertising agencies and promoters to gift bloggers with products in exchange for the blogger’s time and loyalty.

It’s integral for a blogger to treat new brands and designers with flexibility if they are just starting out and if they can accept compensation in a form of a garment  or a product then it’s appropriate. As for the established brands, bloggers should negotiate to reach a win-win situation for both parties.

The best blogs are the most honest ones, where the fashion blogger stands for what they are passionate about and can form what they like or dislike in a a brand thus makes the blog more appealing and interesting to read.

Tips for Fashion Bloggers 

  • Treat your blog as a resume if your looking to break into the professional world and its a great way to showcase your talents and skills.
  • Be clear with your goals and objectives from the beginning
  • Makes sure your collaborations are clear to to your readers whether they are sponsored or not.
  • Show your support to other bloggers and other businesses youre partnered with.
  • Treat your readers with respect and value their inputs.
  • Don’t settle for less that your worth- negotiate a suitable fee with brands, promoters and designers.

Tips for brands working with Fashion Bloggers 

  • Be clear about your intentions with bloggers – as it will be easier for a blogger to help meet a brands goals when they they know what they are and they can offer solutions to help it grow and prosper.
  • Give feedback on results to the bloggers, this keeps bloggers informed of what works for you and what objectives you want to achieve as a brand.
  • Keep records of the results when negotiating with bloggers so you don’t over spend your budget.
  • Respect and value a bloggers job as its hard and time consuming.
  • Consider compensating bloggers for their work.


by: Amna Al-Falasi 

Twitter : @ElManez



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