QASIMI is a very familiar name in the UAE as it holds the name to one of our ruling families and to hear this name as a fashion label is something very unusual for us to hear.

Nevertheless the brains behind this fashion label His Highness “khalid bin Sultan al qassimi” Launched his first collection in 2008 and has been getting nothing but great feedback , already named one of the leading fashion brands in the world its something that Khalid has worked very hard on turning into a leading fashion label.

The Rabbit Hole Team has nothing but love for his innovative designs as he never fails to meet our expectations with every collection that he comes out with. He first started out doing a mixture of both mens and women’s line and has now focused more into menswear.

He is definitely an inspiration to any upcoming label from the GCC and a story that needs to be told to all struggling fashion designers.

Qasimi is always a label that we use as an example to show to all the upcoming brands that come our way as his brand is one to look up to.

We leave you with pictures our favorite picks from his collections over the years.



By : The Rabbit Hole Team







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