The Winner of MIA fashion Illustration Competition is …


Thank you all for participating in the MIA dress cherry cole competition . We are glad to announce that the winners have been chosen based on the criteria of the competition .We hope you all enjoyed the competition , hope to see you all again in future activities.

The following are the tope three designs chosen form all the applications received. The winner can now contact MIA to order the dress of their choice.

First Place : Notsi Haloola

Second Place : Mnawrah


The Description of my Cheryl Cole design

Cheryl Cole is famous for her amazing sense of fashion in the red carpet. She is also known for being pretty risky with her outfits, but classy and fashionable at the same time! Her face reminds me of the late Egyptian star “Souad Hosni” with her cute baby face with a mixture of sexiness.

The inspiration of the dress came from one of Soaud Hosni’s dresses in the 80’s. The colors of the dress are perfect for a fall/winter season with its warm, mysterious and sexy feeling.

The dress is kind of edgy just like Cheryl’s choices in fashion. The inside part is a high neck, long sleeve material. It is transparent fabric just like the lace texture but with a zebra look-a-like pattern that is made of velvet. The upper part of the dress is lined with a dark fuchsia color from the inside.

Finally,. It may not look as one of MIA dresses but the idea of mixing two different fabrics or materials into one dress is the common thing between this design and MIA’s designs!


Third Place : Norah al Sowahi

By : The Rabbit Hole Team


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An Emirati initiative that's used as a platform to combine fashion designers from the UAE & the GCC to promote their talents. By: Rabbits wrapped in creativity! View all posts by therabbitholeae

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