Shoe Wonderland – Level Shoe District

Every girls dream is to be surrounded in beautiful shoes , and The Rabbit Hole team for the first time were able to make this dream come true.

To all of you who havent heard “Level Shoe District” opening in the Gold Souk in Dubai mall by Chalhoub Group is a 96,000 sqft Shop feeding all your shoe cravings for both men and women. The Multi brand shoe boutique will be showcasing a number of 40 different brands from all around the world. The main one being Louis vuitton which show cased a collection not released anywhere else in the world, although we couldnt snap you photos of that collection we would highy reccomend you to visit the store for yourself to see what a well put together place it was.

Some brands that are opening up in the region for the first time were designers such as Roger Vivier, Berluti and to name a few other brands such as Chanel , Miu Miu , Todds and Paul Smith.

The shop sells a range of trendy and casual shoes for both genders of men and women and while walking further into the shop we couldnt help but notice shop by the name of “The Cobbler” to those of you who havent heard of the cobbler its first branch opened up in DIFC and is now opening at The Dubai Mall as a second branch. This shop is a must to every shoe fashion lover as it custom makes shoes to perfectly to fit your feet at any color , texture and imprinted graphics or logo on to them upon request, and it dosent stop there there was a glass room located at the shop where buyers can pass buy and see the shoe makers at work doing what they do best which is a new experience on its own.

Other type of Service that The cobbler offers which is not offered anywhere else in Dubai is the chance for them to fix your broken heels and even paint the souls of your Louboutin heels making it all shiny and new again.


Other shops opening up in Level shoe district will be shops like The concept Zoo store which will be opening its second branch as well as the “Vogue Cafe” to keep the area vibrante with people with the theme of Vogue photos all over the walls.

Finally there will be opening Sole Lounge by Margarte Dabbs all the way from england for the first time the lounge will offer foot specialists providing beauty services that will help keep your feet healthy and clean.

The team really enjoyed this newest shop at dubai mall and we predict that it would be everyones new “It” Place to be. To all of you wanting to see the store opens their doors to shoe shoppers on Friday 19th October 2012.

The Rabbit Hole Team

Photography : @SbinFalah , @MaruHK

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